Head Quarter

18 rue Château du Mont
52600 Chalindrey, FRANCE

Call us: +33(0) 3 25 84 62 08
Email us: contact@readnanalyse.com



81 bd Lazare-Carnot, Res. Cap Wilson
31000 Toulouse, FRANCE

Call us: +33(0) 9 86 31 00 30
Email us: retd@readnanalyse.com


1In which countries do you distribute your products?
We distribute in France, French-speaking Europe and the Maghreb. In the near future, we will serve the rest of Europe and at a later stage the rest of the world.
2Where can I order?
Depending on your region, we invite you to contact us to indicate how is the best way to buy our products.
3How can I apply to work for R&A?
We have a section dedicated to recrutement on which we disseminate our job offers. You can leave us a message there to submit a spontaneous application.
4Is the health sector the only sector for your products?
We develop large touchscreens formats for physicians, specialists, radiologists, and more broadly hospitals. Our R&D, however, is researching how to serve other sectors with our products.

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