Needs, Answers

When a friend & doctor, an orthopedic specialist comes to us saying he can not find a device that can satisfy his daily needs both for his cabinet & in the operating room, it made us think to find solutions to fill the gap for medical practitioners. This how our start-up R&A was born. By combining different skills in our network with medical doctors, radiologists, industrials & health experts, R&A has the necessary tools to succeed & meet the needs of a very rigorous customer: the medical profession.


Creating Innovative Products

The contribution of new technologies in the medical imaging field has created a problem for practitioners while the irruption of tactility on our phone screens and tablets brings tremendous simplicity. R&A’s vision is to aggregate & process those technologies in an All In One product for greater ease of use for practitioners. R&A develops tools dedicated to professional use enriched by tactility& large format to save time, an intuitive user interface designed to facilitate the medical practitioner daily activities centered around his patients.

Stands for

Read & Analyse

Made Easy for Doctors to

Read & Analyse

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Providing Support to R&A in these developments is the assurance of a strong and sustainable operation, coupled with effective and accurate decisions.

A. Crisnaire


Understanding the problems doctors face in their daily activities will bring a bright future to those who are able to solve them. R&A is one of those companies to provide solutions, to Read and Analyse the expectations of practitioners.

Dr. F. Loup